Sri Aurobindo

Saint and Visionary, Ashram Founder

Mirra Alfassa (The Mother)

Spiritual Master, Founder of Auroville

Sri Aurobindo Dhama

Precipitating Growth


These activities can be started now

a) Maintenance of existing sacred vanas.
b) Maintenance of Sri aurobindodhama complex.
c) Maintenance of water supply and electricity.
d) Welding and fabrication department.
e) Maintenance of office+reception+library+community kitchen+ stores.
f) Growing grass for cows
g) Maintenance of goshala
h) Growing organic farming of vegetable
i) Growing orchard
j) Manufacturing various products from gowshala and medicinal plants.
k) Maintenance of sewarage system
l) Collection and processing and disposal of wet and dry garbage.
m) Material purchase cell
n) Packaging
o) Sales
p) Veternary doctor
q) Medical doctor
r) Yoga master
s) House keeping team
t) Security
u) Story teller
v) Musician, singer, dancer, artists
w) Handy crafts man
x) Wood and metal workshop incharge
y) Teachers

There is aso need for the following

1. Cooks
2. Drivers
3. Plant nursery incharge
4. Apiary incharge
5. People with abundant love, sympathy, concern for others growth with helping nature.
6. Gardeners
7. Carpenter section

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