Decades of experience with NetSuite. Accurate Dashboards. Seamless data flow.

NetSuite Customization

Quick wins that enable your business. Reporting and Dashboards need to be accurate to drive strong decisions across the enterprise. We customize processes that feed those reports and dashboards to align your executives and users.

Process Optimization

Thought-through automation helps your business to thrive and grow. Some of the processes we've built reduce expenses over time by 30%. Optimization tuning can be conducted in phases, growing and changing with your business.


We train teams, because when we enable strong teams, we strengthen your business and our business. It doesn't always make sense to keep a senior level NetSuite resource on staff, so we are here to back you up.

We are NetSuite Experts

Customization, Optimization and Training for Your Business

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About Us

Our happy place is working with or helping business users and accounting teams make their NetSuite work seamlessly.

Businesses have stages, and that growth and change require attention and energy.

Think-It-Through Mindset

Customer Journeys are best with a map. So we create that map with you for each project and walk through your implementation.

End-Game Focused

Tell us what you want to do and we'll help you get there in a way that fits your business to your system. We keep the process as simple as possible for your users, while maintaining real time reportability.


Based in New England, we're data driven and plain spoken. Fluff we don't do well. If we can't help you we'll say that (yes really) and refer you to someone who can. When we can help you, we'll set up a plan and propose a way to get started.

Sean Murphy


Our Founder has been a NetSuite Administrator, Developer, and Architect Since 2006.

Sean raises chickens, as well as giving time to Austin17 House, a charity for at-risk youth and families.

Carolyn Volan

Market Strategist

Carolyn helps companies get more for their money through automation of business processes and optimized data flows.

Carolyn mentors women in STEAM and is an urban gardener. She is active in Women in Technology International ( WITI ).


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