Areas Served


As mentioned in our mandate, there needs to exist a culture that is more inclusive and innovative, rejuvenating the entire society.

Children add a certain vibrance to the environment and it is with and around them that our true future lies. As we want the best for them, we realize the importance of family collectives.

Parents and Educators need to work more closely together to increase the availability of impactful learning for children.

Responsible businesses are not only sought for investments, but to also install their relevance.

Our Intent and Purpose exists with the aim to provide quality knowledge, training and services in these areas.

  1. Children, Education and Parenting
  2. Social impact as a necessary objective for all initiatives
  3. Corporate Consulting


With nearly 3 decades experience with children, our treasury offers:

  1. Mentoring those working in Child Rights and Juvenile Justice
  2. Montessori Education and Teacher Training
  3. Continuous Orientation for Parents

Social Workers

Hands-on, real-time knowledge and experience sharing on:

  1. Situation Analyses of emerging social issues
  2. Impact Audit of NGO and CSR programmes


With leadership experience running foundations, we clearly understand the nuances of charities and consult with corporates on the following:

  1. CSR Initiation and Impact Auditing
  2. External Committee member / coach for "Prevention of Sexual Harassment".


We invite you to peruse the profile of our founder - Mrs Vidya Shankar and engage with us on your various matters of concern.